Christine + Andrew // Roseville Estate // Wedding

I had the pleasure to second shoot this wedding for Alicia Thurston Photography.

It was my first time ever at Roseville Estate – it’s charm would make any couple want to have their Wedding here.

Christine and Andrew had their close friends and family share in their special day starting with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. It warms my heart and reminds me of my roots when I have the opportunity to capture this tradition. It’s a time to show respect to the bride and grooms elders, thanking and showing appreciation for raising them.

This venue has so many locations on it’s property for photo ops…a photographers dream.

Congratulations Christine and Andrew. Enjoy the photos everyone.

Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-1Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-2Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-3Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-4Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-5Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-6Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-7Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-8Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-9Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-10Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-11Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-12Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-13Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-14Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-15Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-16Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-17Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-18Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-19Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-20Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-21Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-22Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-23Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-24Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-25Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-26Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-27Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-28Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-29Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-30Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-31Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-32Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-33Pin Image Roseville-Estate-Chinese-Wedding-34Pin Image

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  • Serena - Hi Lisa, I was going through some old emails when I saw yours, so I came to check up on you. These pictures are beautiful, like all your other work. Glad to see that you’re still going strong. It was a nice surprise to see my picture on the main page (re: Niagara on the lake)!

    Heaps of love,


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